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Limu is actively developing curriculum, classes, and media for the three main Cahuilla dialects, as well as some sub-dialects (i.e. Nanxaiyem, Qawichpamiyawitem, Wanipiyapa).

Cahuilla, it should be noted, is not the actual name of a tribe or language. This label is derived from the word Kawi'a, which means "boss," or "person in charge." The actual name for the Cahuilla People, in Cahuilla, is Iviatam. The real name for the language is Ivii'a.

True, not many people mind being called 'the boss' all the time, but the word Ivii'a bears far more meaning. Ivii'a is the language of the first beings, and the Nukatem that helped them make the world. Ivii'a also refers to 'genuineness' and proximity to the creators.

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